Employer of Record (EOR)

Simplify payroll and HR, mitigate the risk.

Outsource the entire admin workload of hiring great candidates — and stay 100% compliant.

What is employer of record (EOR)?

Employer of Record is a partner that handles the administrative work of having employees. Think payroll processing, payroll funding, taxes, forms, contracts, insurance, benefits and worker’s compensation. 

EOR can help with HR issues too.

Keeping up with employers’ legal and admin responsibilities is no small feat. Most companies have entire departments, like HR, legal and payroll, dedicated to them.

Still companies with contingent and seasonal labor work with an EOR, like SASR, to manage the admin duties of these shifting workforces. But it’s not just paperwork.

Discover how SASR’s Mission, Vision, and Values set us apart from the rest.

EOR saves your business time, money and risk.

HR has enough on its plate. SASR employer of record services frees your team’s time to focus on day-to-day operations, internal admin and employee engagement. It costs less than hiring additional HR resources too.

EOR helps your company be 100% compliant with employment law and deliver better employee experiences.

SASR takes care of all taxes, records, worker’s compensation, benefits administration and insurance requirements in accordance with federal, state and local employment laws.

EOR services cover all of your bases and protect your business from steep non-compliance penalties.

Increase speed to productivity.

Check all of those requirements off your list. Your contingent and seasonal workers are good to go! EOR services cover a swath of important admin work — that too often slows workers from getting started.

With SASR, your team can devote more time to business operations and helping your temporary workforce hit the ground running.

Focused and specialized EOR services.

Consider us insiders with hands-on workforce management experience in these industries.


5-star customer experiences begin with all-star talent. SASR helps retailers cut the time, stress, and costs of hiring for projects, shortages, and seasonal surges.


Dial-up productivity and never miss a shift. SASR connects you with experienced manufacturing talent, on-demand and ready to go.

Warehouse & Distribution

Ready to uplift your link in the supply chain? SASR enables you to cover every shift, fulfill every order and scale for changing logistics demands.


Essential work demands exceptional talent. SASR helps you keep shelves stocked, stores safe and customers happy with right-fit grocery hires.

C-Store Register

Convenience Stores

Get the trained crew and expertise for C-store innovations that keep customers coming back.

How we deliver EOR services.

It's all about you, first.

Before we do anything else, SASR gets to know your business — your goals, culture, challenges and opportunities.

Introduce yourself now.

Discover, plan and care.

With your goals in mind and needs on paper, we develop your workforce strategy and identify the types of services that will help your business thrive.

Tell us about your goals.

From screen to offer to start.

We start from our qualified and available talent ecosystem. Screen for your needs, make offers and get workers off to a strong start on your team.

Add talent to your team.

Exceptional results, delivered daily.

Metrics matter. We report on performance and make sure everyone has what they need to excel. Then we learn and continuously improve how we deliver.

Boost your performance.

Aim Higher With SASR

Achieving client goals, one success story at a time.

Streamline payroll, simplify HR and stay compliant with EOR services.

Let’s talk about ways EOR services can help you save time, money and stress of managing your contingent and seasonal workforce.