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Case Studies

Excelling in Light Industrial Staffing through Advanced Analytics

Embracing Analytics for Enhanced Light Industrial Staffing   SASR Workforce Solutions is a renowned provider of light industrial staffing services, specializing in retail, grocery, and …

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Case Studies

Combat Inventory Surpluses with an Experienced Workforce

Client Overview  With $1.5 billion in annual sales, Guest Supply supplies 25,000 customers in over 100 countries. They offer a unique combination of capabilities that …

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project management plan

Effective Project Management Leads to Success

In the fast-paced world of business, challenges can arise at any moment, and it’s the companies that can adapt quickly that will succeed. Organic Valley …

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Car travel for work

Travel Merchandiser’s Guide to a Safe and Enjoyable Journey

We value the safety and well-being of our Travel Merchandisers, even when they are on the road to work. Traveling frequently as part of your …

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Cutting cost by increasing labor efficiency

Empower Your Business with Labor Efficiency

Shoe Sensation faced a significant challenge Suffering from a lack of labor efficiency, it overspent on labor and relied on 12 inexperienced day laborers to set …

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Rethink the retail hiring process

Rethinking the Retail Hiring Process

Many key issues in the hiring process aren’t new or going anywhere. Let us tell you how we’re doing things differently.

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Rethinking the Retail Hiring Process- Blog

Retail hiring is broken.   We don’t have to accept it.  It’s no secret retail companies across the country are struggling to hire right now. There …

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Travel Teams Infographic

Crisis Solvers: How Travel Teams are Helping Struggling Warehouses Get Back on Track

As distribution centers are experiencing unprecedented shortages in the labor market, many are turning to strategic workforce solutions to continue operating at optimum capacity. This …

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Learn how filling positions with workers that can help deliver a differentiating experience can drive customer satisfaction, experience, and loyalty.

Retail Is Making a Comeback and Great Customer Experiences Are Leading the Way

After two years of unprecedented challenges, uncertainty seemed to be the new normal in the retail industry. In April 2021, with the pandemic still in …

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