Grocery Recruiting, Staffing & Workforce Solutions

Elevate your grocery shopping experience.

Specialized staffing for resets, remodels, new stores, and fixture installations- creating shopping experiences that drive repeat visits.

Workforce solutions built for grocery industry challenges — and opportunities.

Our expertise in grocery store resets and remodels aligns perfectly with current grocery trends, offering adaptable workforce solutions to meet both challenges and opportunities in the evolving retail landscape.

It’s our goal to ensure grocery stores are not only equipped to handle industry trends but also poised to capitalize on new market opportunities.

Elevate your grocery business with experienced talent, nationwide.

Since 2003, we’ve built an extensive national footprint of skilled grocery store merchandisers.

We provide expertly trained teams that enhance shopper experiences through services such as new store setups, comprehensive resets, and timely category updates.

Elevating grocery staffing: flexible, efficient, and comprehensive solutions.

Our associates opt-in for our flexibility, boosting project show rates and retention. Our centralized model adapts to market shifts, enhancing communication and timely project completion.

SASR is a full-service provider, we offer retail-experienced teams, comprehensive talent solutions, project management, and direct sourcing.

Discover how SASR’s Mission, Vision, and Values set us apart from the rest.

Where our national reach meets SASR’s local market expertise.

Hiring in grocery staffing for resets, remodels, and special projects in different job markets isn’t all the same. SASR serves grocery businesses across the U.S. with a boots-on-the-ground understanding of your local market. That means we can conduct grocery recruiting in one market or many. And with our matching technology, we connect you with the best available talent every time

Grocery Staffing Services

Respond, adapt and thrive in anything the market brings.

Grocery Resets & Fixture Installation

SASR's seasoned merchandisers blend planogram precision and adaptability, skillfully managing tasks from sign installations to shelf-tagging, while our expert teams simplify fixture installation and assembly. From routine gondolas to store-wide transformations, we ensure optimal results in enhancing the grocery shopper experience and navigating retail complexities with finesse and timely execution

Category Updates & Special Projects

In grocery retail, SASR's skilled merchandisers excel in category updates and special projects, from new product displays to aisle reconfigurations. With planogram precision and inventory management agility, our teams adeptly handle tasks like sign installations and shelf-tagging, seamlessly enhancing the shopper experience with timely execution and expertise.

New Stores & Remodels

Whether you're planning a grocery remodel or setting up a new store, SASR has been a trusted resource since 2003. Our specialized talent seamlessly integrates into various retail settings—from big-box chains and grocers to specialty shops. With a focus on completing projects both on time and under budget, we offer the flexibility and proven expertise to tackle your unique challenges in any market, ensuring your project's success.

Project Management

SASR takes the lead in optimizing your grocery retail projects, from sourcing talent to implementing planograms. With a track record of thousands of diverse projects, we're the go-to solution for resets, remodels, and game-changing initiatives. We offer end-to-end program management that meets your unique labor needs, nails success metrics, and helps you realize your business's full potential.

Essential work is meaningful work.

People who feel fulfilled, secure and supported make workplaces thrive. They perform better. They help their teammates through critical times and help them grow. 

At SASR, it’s our mission to connect people with work that can spark their own potential and light up the people around them. Get these people on your team. Contact SASR.

We’re in this together.

It's all about you, first.

Before we do anything else, SASR gets to know your business — your goals, culture, challenges and opportunities.

Introduce yourself now.

Discover, plan and care.

We’re consultative, experienced and relentless. Your goals in mind, we develop your workforce strategy and identify the candidates who’ll love their jobs most.

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From screen to offer to start.

We start from our qualified and available nationwide talent pool. Screen for your needs, make offers and get workers off to a strong start on your team.

Add talent to your team.

Exceptional results, delivered daily.

Metrics matter. We report on performance and make sure everyone has what they need to excel. Then we learn and continuously improve how we deliver.

Boost your performance.

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Achieving client goals, one success story at a time.

Innovate the way you cover grocery recruiting and drive your business growth.

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