Grocery Staffing & Essential Workforce Solutions

Essential work demands exceptional talent.

Keep shelves stocked, stores safe and customers happy with right-fit grocery hires.

Workforce solutions built for grocery.

With turnover close to 60%, hiring the team you need to keep your supermarket running is only one of the challenges grocers face today. But it’s also part of the solution.

SASR knows the customer-first and ready-to-work talent you need to run your supermarket. We can pick out team players. And we love to help grocers build and execute workforce strategies that get the job(s) done right.

Fill every shift and shift with market needs.

New business models and consumer behaviors are reshaping the food industry. But grocers are struggling to hire workers for regular operations — let alone to realize their growth potential in an expanding market.

With SASR, you can cover all your shifts and assemble specialized talent for major projects, like resets and category updates.

Innovate how you recruit, hire and train grocery candidates.

Take down the ‘help wanted’ sign and toss the paper applications. Even if you’ve gone digital with your application, many store managers still struggle with recruiting and hiring workers.

SASR uses optimized processes and recruiting tech to connect the best-fit candidates with your open positions — from merchandisers and stockers to inventory and retail associates. We can also train staff, scale hiring and streamline payroll.

National reach meets local market expertise.

Job markets aren’t all the same. SASR serves grocery businesses across the U.S. with a boots-on-the-ground understanding of your local market. That means we can help you hire in one market or many. And with our matching technology, we connect you with the best available talent every time.


Respond, adapt and thrive in anything the market brings.

High-Volume Grocery Staffing

Hire by the hundreds, navigate shifting needs — in an instant. SASR beats hiring metrics with a qualified network that's ready to work now.

Managed Programs for Grocery Businesses

Optimize the way you execute on builds and large projects. SASR manages your end-to-end with a central contact and regular performance reporting.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) for Grocery Recruiting

Let managers focus on keeping stores safe and driving revenue. SASR’s dedicated recruiting team and scalable RPO services shift workload and ramp up results.

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

Outsource hiring, onboarding, payment, and the administrative workload that slows your speed to productivity. Save time and money — with 100% compliance.

Essential work is meaningful work.

People who feel fulfilled, secure and supported make workplaces thrive. They perform better. They help their colleagues through critical times and help them grow. At SASR, it’s our mission to connect people with work that can spark their own potential and light up the people around them. Get these people on your team.

We’re in this together.

It's all about you, first.

Before we do anything else, SASR gets to know your business — your goals, culture, challenges and opportunities.

Introduce yourself now.

Discover, plan and care.

With your goals in mind and needs on paper, we develop your talent strategy and identify the types of candidates who’ll love their jobs.

Tell us about your goals.

From screen to offer to start.

We start from our large, qualified and available talent community. Screen for your needs, make offers and get workers off to a strong start on your team.

Add talent to your team.

Exceptional results, delivered daily.

Metrics matter. We report on performance and make sure everyone has what they need to excel. Then we learn and continuously improve how we deliver.

Boost your performance.

Aim Higher With SASR

Achieving client goals, one success story at a time.

Find customer-first talent to cover your grocery shifts and drive your growth.

Let’s talk about who can light up the growth potential in your grocery business and get to work.