Direct Sourcing

Hire directly from your own ready-to-workforce.

Cut time-to-fill, improve candidate quality and reduce attrition with curated talent pools for your contingent workforce.

What is direct sourcing in recruitment?

Direct sourcing fills your talent pipeline with vetted and qualified contingent workers from your company’s database. But there’s more to it than collecting resumes.

You go to market as your own employer brand (not cloaked by staffing suppliers) and keep candidates engaged with spot-on job alerts, programmatic job ads and journey-aligned messaging. Then by grouping your candidate profiles, you can cut time-to-fill and identify skill gaps you need to fill next. One part genius, one part recruiting tech.

That’s called talent curation — and it’s where the magic results happen.

Discover how SASR’s Mission, Vision, and Values set us apart from the rest.

Talent curation improves candidate quality 3x.

Talent curation proactively organizes ready-to-work candidates into talent pools. You can curate talent pools based on dimensions, like locations, skill sets, job functions and job titles.

SASR helps you automate talent curation with our recruiting tech, and optimize the source-to-place lifecycle. It’s a scalable way to match candidates to open jobs now and to build talent pools for hiring needs in the future.

Direct sourcing isn't DIY — it's ROI.

It seems simple. But direct sourcing is a full-court press. Buy-in from leadership and your hiring teams is essential. You’ll also need a strong recruiting partner (with the right tech) focused on delivering consistent candidate experiences. SASR can help.

As part of your recruiting strategy, direct sourcing gives you ready-access to contingent talent. Plus: faster and higher fill rates. That strong, consistent candidate experience will boost your employer brand. And you’ll be able to hire attracted, redeployed, returning and referred candidates who want to work with you.

Watch as your candidate quality goes up with direct sourcing — and your recruiting costs go down.

Focused and Specialized.

Consider us insiders with hands-on staffing experience in these industries.


5-star customer experiences begin with all-star talent. SASR helps retailers cut the time, stress, and costs of hiring for projects, shortages, and seasonal surges.


Dial-up productivity and never miss a shift. SASR connects you with experienced manufacturing talent, on-demand and ready to go.

Warehouse & Distribution

Ready to uplift your link in the supply chain? SASR enables you to cover every shift, fulfill every order and scale for changing logistics demands.


Essential work demands exceptional talent. SASR helps you keep shelves stocked, stores safe and customers happy with right-fit grocery hires.

C-Store Register

Convenience Stores

Reverse high turnover with right-fit C-store talent, ready to cover your shifts 24/7.

How we deliver direct sourcing:

It's all about you, first.

Before we do anything else, SASR gets to know your business — your goals, culture, challenges and opportunities.

Introduce yourself now.

Discover, plan and care.

With your goals in mind and needs on paper, we identify how direct sourcing can support your talent needs now and into the future.

Tell us about your goals.

A digital transformation.

Let’s elevate your existing process and technology. Together, we optimize both and bring the tools and experience to deliver exceptional results.

Let’s talk tech.

Exceptional results, delivered daily.

Metrics matter. We report on performance and make sure everyone has what they need to excel. Then we learn and continuously improve how we deliver.

Boost your performance.

Aim Higher With SASR

Achieving client goals, one success story at a time.

Ready to start building your ready-to-workforce?

Let’s talk about how direct sourcing can light up the potential in your business, and get to work.