About SASR

We deliver workforce solutions that help clients and associates respond, adapt and realize their own potential.

A workforce partner to depend on.

Retail and supply chain are constantly changing. What industries get disrupted more? Time and again, our clients step up. They innovate, retrain and scale. But it’s not our job to only show up in the best of times.

SASR stands with you, arm-in-arm, for every leg of the journey.

Founded in 2003, SASR developed technology and a centralized approach to recruiting and staffing that empowered our nationwide team to help clients hire better, faster.

It didn’t take long for SASR to cultivate a large, qualified network of ready-to-work talent and develop a knack for making matches that stick. How? Because we know what it takes to love and succeed in a job — especially the ones in your industry.

We also know that people who feel supported by their peers and by strong values build thriving workplaces. Meaningful work moves mountains. It builds the deepest connections too. That’s exactly how SASR has grown to this day.

And through those connections, we can spark potential for our team members, associates and clients. We can inspire strength across any journey. Because whatever happens, you can depend on SASR to be there for you.

Discover how SASR’s Mission, Vision, and Values set us apart.


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Connect great people to great companies to deliver great work.


Positively impact people’s lives through the power of work.

The values of our work family.

We take immense pride in living by a set of core values that serve as the foundation of our organization. These values are not just words on paper; they are the guiding principles that connect every member of our team, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. We don’t just offer jobs; we offer a platform for personal and professional growth. We believe in nurturing an environment that empowers individuals and ignites their potential.

SASR - Serve with Love
Serve With Love
SASR - Do the right thing
Do the Right Thing
SASR - Create Solutions
Create Solutions
SASR - Deliver Exceptional Results
Deliver Exceptional Results

Awards and recognition

These accolades underscore our commitment to fostering a thriving work environment and delivering unparalleled experiences for both our valued team members and exceptional candidates. We are honored to receive these awards, reflecting our dedication to excellence.

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Video preview: Mission, vision and value of SASR
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Why our Day 1 mentality matters to you.

We take stakeholder success seriously. In fact, it’s kind of an obsession. Our “Day 1” mentality put clients and candidates at the center of everything we do.

You are our north star.

We set KPIs to point the way and make sure everyone has what they need to excel. We measure everything we do. We learn from it and innovate on how we deliver exceptional results, every day. Then we keep learning, keep obsessing and keep getting better every single time we deliver for our clients and candidates. It’s just who we are. After all, we are SASR.

Watch the video to see what makes SASR different, what makes our team, associates and clients special. What makes us all fulfill our potential.

Our leadership shows the way.

Translating SASR’s vision into reality is a full team effort. These are the people leading the way.

Careers at SASR

Explore your potential on our team.

We’re proud of what we’ve built, the values that drive us, and the culture that keeps our growth goals humming every day.

If you’re interested in being part of a connected work community that wants you to realize your potential, see what roles we’re filling now — and stay in touch.

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