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Planogram Solutions For Success

Understanding planogram compliance is a key retail strategy that assists your company in maximizing space while meeting sales quotas. SASR has an abundantly qualified network of experienced talent to provide or lead your planogram solutions and other merchandising requirements, whether your store needs one or many.


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Additional Focused & Specialized Services.

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Category Updates

New product displays, stock management, and proper sign installations require precision and quick execution. SASR’s talent pool has merchandisers ready to carry out each category update to your requirements while saving you time and limiting disruptions within your stores.


SASR's fixture installation experts form our service foundation. They rapidly customize installations, ensuring your retail environments are both functional and stylish, allowing your team to focus on sales and customer relationships.



Reliable and experienced merchandisers are the bread and butter of SASR’s workforce. With unique travel teams and nationwide talent, our merchandisers can be agile and quickly respond to your needs, no matter where they may be. By having experienced teams lead or supplement your merchandising needs, your company’s employees can focus their time on your customers and sales.

New Store

SASR has provided ready-to-work specialized talent to help with major projects, such as new store set-ups, since 2003. With our ability to help you in any market, we have proven expertise to complete new store set-ups on time and under budget.


Remodel projects are a critical component of a business’s success. Our experienced talent can flex their skills to execute end-to-end installations effectively, whether in a big box retail chain, a prominent C-Store, or a specialty retail store setting.


Have trouble staffing your store reset rollouts? SASR has experienced nationwide traveling teams built ready to tackle these projects for you, whether they consist of simple merchandising, tearing down and rebuilding bays, or steel beam work.


Finding skilled and detail-oriented talent to staff your warehouse needs takes valuable time. From pickers to packers, to equipment operators, or general warehouse workers, put SASR’s industrial athletes to work for you.

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