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Dependable retail and supply-chain workforce solutions that connect you with exactly what you need.

Hiring can must be this personal.

Even when a client is hiring by the thousands, SASR treats each role and each candidate as a chance to make the perfect match (with an assist from technology). We believe in the power of meaningful work — and what it can do for each of us.

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Deliver Workforce Solutions

High-Volume Staffing

Hire hundreds or shift with the seasons. SASR speeds time-to-hire and tops quality metrics with a qualified network that’s ready to work now.

Managed Programs

Optimize the way you hire, manage and retain talent. SASR manages end-to-end with a central point of contact and regular performance reporting.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Managers aren’t recruiters. Let them focus on revenue. SASR’s dedicated recruiting team and scalable RPO services shift hiring workloads and ramp up results.

Employer of Record Services (ERS)

Outsource hiring, onboarding, payment and the administrative workload that slows your speed to productivity. Save time and money — with 100% compliance.

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Get in the driver’s seat. SASR helps you build a career that’s as flexible and rewarding as you want it to be. Start your path in retail, convenience, warehouse & distribution, grocery or manufacturing — and let’s talk about where your potential could lead.

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People who feel fulfilled, supported and secure make workplaces thrive. We have that at SASR — and we’d like that for you. Learn what makes us the kind of partner who’s there through the booms, the disruption and anything that comes your way.

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