Excelling in Light Industrial Staffing through Advanced Analytics

Embracing Analytics for Enhanced Light Industrial Staffing  

SASR Workforce Solutions is a renowned provider of light industrial staffing services, specializing in retail, grocery, and convenience store sectors. Driven by innovation, SASR has transformed its operations by implementing advanced analytics to improve efficiency and deliver exceptional client experiences. This case study examines SASR’s journey in analytics investments, outlining the company’s framework, goals, and the impact on its business growth. 

Analytics Framework and Goals: A Comprehensive Approach

SASR’s analytics framework focuses on key areas such as client demographics, candidate experience, worker experience, and operational excellence. By leveraging data, SASR can tailor its services to client needs, optimize the recruitment process, and boost worker satisfaction and retention. Furthermore, analytics contribute to streamlined operations, cost reduction, and an increased value proposition for clients. 

Laying the Foundation: SASR's Starting Point

Initially, SASR faced challenges with manual and disjointed analytics, hindering a comprehensive view of operations and timely response to client needs. To address this, SASR partnered with Innovata, a leader in data and analytics solutions, to assess their needs, design a framework, and develop a roadmap for a cutting-edge analytics platform. 

"Innovata was able to assess our needs and build a framework that aligned with our company goals, ensuring that our analytics solution would have an immediate impact while focusing on the long-term solution."

Building the Analytics Platform with Innovata  

Continuing their partnership with Innovata, SASR developed an analytics platform that integrated seamlessly with their systems. The platform provided real-time updates on key metrics such as financial and operational performance, client satisfaction, and worker engagement, eliminating the need for manual reporting. 

Analytics Today and Future Prospects 

SASR’s analytics platform has become essential to its operations, offering valuable insights and guiding decision-making across the organization. The company continues to invest in analytics, exploring data warehousing and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence to stay ahead in the light industrial staffing industry. 

Analytics Investments Drive Growth in 
Light Industrial Staffing 

SASR’s commitment to advanced analytics has greatly improved efficiency, client experiences, and business growth in the light industrial staffing sector. By focusing on data-driven insights, SASR is better positioned to adapt to client needs, optimize operations, and offer innovative services in retail, grocery, and convenience store staffing. 


SASR Workforce Solutions is a Cary, NC-based market leader in the retail, warehouse & distribution, and grocery staffing space. We provide comprehensive workforce solutions that allow clients to strengthen their labor needs across various initiatives, including new store setups, store remodels, project management & managed programs, and other temporary and direct hire labor solutions. SASR provides nationwide coverage across all 50 states via a technology-enabled, centralized approach to recruiting and staffing.