Empower Your Business with Labor Efficiency

Cutting cost by increasing labor efficiency

Shoe Sensation faced a significant challenge

Suffering from a lack of labor efficiency, it overspent on labor and relied on 12 inexperienced day laborers to set up new stores and relocations. This was particularly challenging as the work was often carried out inside malls or remote locations, which required an experienced and mobile workforce to handle project demands. Moreover, the need for centralization in billing and account management further exacerbated the labor efficiency problem.

To address these labor challenges

SASR Workforce Solutions stepped in with six skilled W-2 employees adept at handling such projects. Leveraging an experienced workforce, SASR and Shoe Sensation:

-Cut labor budget by 15%

-Shortened timelines by 10%

-Reduced labor by 50%

By building relationships based on productivity and output

This collaboration was able to help Shoe Sensation to streamline its operations and manage costs efficiently. Maximizing labor efficiency with a team of experienced workers, Shoe Sensation could complete projects within a shorter timeframe, which meant less downtime and more profit. These implementations allowed SASR to cover 100% of their projects, numbered around 28-30 locations. 

Introducing these solutions is a testament to the value of having an experienced and dedicated travel team that can deliver results consistently. This collaboration freed up Shoe Sensation to focus on their core business needs and allowed SASR to concentrate on their core businesses: project and labor management. 

The teamwork generated by SASR and Shoe Sensation optimized labor costs, improved labor efficiency, and built a more effective and productive operational model. The success of this partnership highlights the benefits of leveraging an experienced workforce to overcome business challenges and achieve operational excellence.

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