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Retail Store Openings and Closings November 2015

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Posted: Dec 15, 2015 | By: cathyplumb

November store openings and closings numbers from Chain Store Guide shows a significant increase in store closings. In October we saw 508 store closings and in November we saw 1546. New store openings in November we saw 66, a decrease when compared to the 106 we saw in November.  For November, we saw a 1480 net loss of stores up from the 402 net loss we saw in October.

Viewing results from a geographic perspective, the Northeast region saw the most store openings and the Midwest had the most store closings.  The Rocky Mountain region saw the least amount of activity in new store openings and the least amount of store closings.

Looking at the results by category, Category Specialist stores closed the majority of stores at 1402 while Chain Supermarkets stores saw the most new store openings at 47.

Let's take a closer look.

Openings - 66 Total

Chain Supermarkets stores led the pack at 47 new store openings including Shoprite opening 13. Category Specialists opened 11 including five TJX companies’ HomeGoods stores. The Discount category saw a total of six new stores including five Costco’s and one Walmart Supercenter. The General Merchandise category opened two Dollar General stores. The Home Center and Hardware Stores category did not see any new store openings in November.

Looking at openings geographically, the Northeast led the pack at 29 new store openings while the Atlantic saw 11. The Midwest and South regions tied at nine each. The Pacific and Southwest regions also tied at four new store openings each while the Rocky Mountain saw no new store openings.

Closings – 1544 Total

The Category Specialist category saw the most closures at 1402 with Wireless Retailers accounting for almost all.  Verizon Wireless and its authorized retailers closed down 635 store locations while ATT and its Authorized Retailers shuttered 547 locations. Alltell Wireless accounted for 210 closures in this category.  Chain Supermarket stores lost a total of 127 including parent company Fresh & Easy accounting for 118.  The Home Center and Hardware Chains category saw a loss of 10 and Chain drug stores lost five. Discount stores and General  did not have any store closures in November.

Reviewing closures by region, the Midwest saw the most closure activity at 363 followed by the Pacific at 336 closures.  The South region shuttered 246 stores while the Atlantic closed 221. The Southwest saw 159 and the Northeast saw 141. The least amount of closure activity was in the Rocky Mountain region where 78 stores were shuttered.

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