Retail Store Openings and Closings September 2015

Posted: November 27, 2018

September store openings and closings numbers from Chain Store Guide shows a continuing drop in store closings. In September we saw 412 store closings, down from the 569 store closings we saw in August and 1523 in July. With new store openings at 119, we saw a 293 net loss of stores in September.

Viewing results from a geographic perspective, the Midwest region saw the most store openings while the Pacific and Southwest regions tied for the most store closings.  The Rocky Mountain region saw the least amount of activity in both new store openings and store closings.

Looking at the results by category, Category Specialist stores closed the majority of stores at 382 while Chain Supermarkets stores saw the most new store openings at 56.

Let’s take a closer look.

Openings – 119 Total

Chain Supermarkets stores led the pack at 56 new store openings including parent company America’s Food Basket opening 10 NSA stores in the NY City area.  Aldi and Walmart Neighborhood Markets each opened eight new stores in September.  Category Specialists opened 35 including nine Hobby Lobby stores and seven Petsmarts. The General Merchandise category had a total of 13 new stores with Dollar General accounting for six and Dollar Tree four. Discount and Chain Drug stores tied at 6 new stores each. Trailing behind was the Home Center and Hardware Stores category opening just three new stores.

Looking at openings geographically, the Midwest led the pack at 37 new store openings followed by the Northeast at 26. The South saw 18 while the Atlantic region saw 16. The Pacific saw 11, the Southwest nine and the Rocky Mountain saw only two store openings.

Closings – 412 Total

The Category Specialist category saw the most closures at 382 with Anna’s Linens accounting for the majority at 278.  Other losers in this category were Consumer Electronic stores at 99 including Best Buy, Systemax ( and US Cellular. Chain Drug Stores saw a total of 14 store closures and Chain Supermarket stores lost a total of 10 with no one standout chain. Discount and General Merchandise stores saw 3 closures each while the Home Center and Hardware Chains category did not see any closures in September.

Reviewing closures by region, the Pacific and Southwest saw the most closure activity with 91 each.  The South saw 84 closures and the Midwest saw 69.  The Atlantic region shuttered 57 stores while the Northeast closed 12 and the Rocky Mountain region shuttered eight.

Stay tuned to our blog for a monthly wrap up of store opening and closing activity to keep up with the movers and shakers in the industry.