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Temporary Carpenter Staffing

Finding the right employees is an important step in getting a job done right. If you have the need for temporary carpentry services, our staffing experts will find skilled staff for your projects. As a leader in retail staffing industry, Set and Service Resources hires some of the best retail carpenters in the nation.  From reading basic measurements to analyzing complex blue prints to calculate floor and display space our carpenters use more than muscle and endurance to complete their jobs. You will end up with capable and experienced carpentry professionals to assist with your new store construction, store remodels and display installations. Below are a few of the reasons that you and your business may need the services of a qualified carpenter.

Interior or Exterior Construction

Taking your business from the physical design stage to construction means hiring a team of individuals that will provide quality service and stay on track to completion. When your time is limited we can sort through and find the right people to do the job and get them started right away. Each carpenter brings a special expertise and experience to the team that will ensure a great result. Whether it is new construction, tear downs, cabinet installation or a rehab project our carpentry staffing experts will get you the staff you need to complete it to your exact specifications.

Expanding Display Areas

If your retail locations are expanding areas to display products and merchandise or have a small installation project, we can bring you the carpentry staff that is needed to optimally showcase any item, large or small. A carpenter with display installation experience can help maximize your space to introduce customers to your products and services.


Our carpenters can install merchandising displays and storage areas that will keep your items secure and protected. Being able to solve your storage issues with a custom built solution is not as expensive as you might think when you employ carpenters with the right skill set. 

Staffing Experience and Customer Satisfaction

We’ve been providing staff for thousands of companies over the years and we can provide them for your company as well. We have staffed some of world’s largest retail chains, and just last year we staffed more than 36,000 positions in more than 17,000 locations. We’re confident our pool of employees will meet and exceed all of your temporary staffing requirements. That's why 90% of our clients use Set and Service Resources as their primary source for staffing. 

No matter what your temporary carpenter staffing needs are, whether it be a temporary finish carpenter, trim carpenter or framer,  you can depend on our experts to locate, hire and send the right professionals your way. We are committed to solving your staffing issues as quickly as possible so that your project is completed timely and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today using the form on this page and we will get started right away!

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