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Job Types

Here are examples of some of the various job types we provide staffing for.

Fixture Installers

Fixture Installers assemble and install new fixtures according to store specifications and instructions provided. They may also help with removal of product, disassembly and removal of old fixtures. Fixture Installers may assist with merchandising product on the new fixtures. They help clean up all packaging and trash after the project is completed. Basic tools like cordless drill, hammer, screwdriver, pliers and level are helpful. This work requires standing for 8+ hours, lifting 50 lbs. consistently and sometimes more on occasion.

Service Merchandisers

Service Merchandisers merchandise product on shelves per planogram, tag product, remove old product, clean shelves and move stock.  They may also install signage, POP materials or move shelving according to planogram. Some direct interaction with store employees may be required. This work requires standing for up to 8 hours, lifting up to 25 lbs. and sometimes more on occasion.

Retail Sales Associates

Retail Sales Associates work on the sales floor assisting customers with purchasing decisions, enhancing the customer experience and increasing retail sales. They keep shelf inventory stocked and neat in appearance, provide product knowledge and answer customer questions. The best candidates for this role will be customer focused with a strong desire to always exceed customer expectations, have great sales skills, a neat, clean appearance and an outgoing personality.

Remodel Merchandisers

Remodel Merchandisers tear out old displays and fixtures, install new ones or move heavy store fixtures. They stock or reset product per planogram, tag product and install signs and POP materials if needed.  Use of power tools and a cordless drill may be required.  This work requires standing for 8+ hours, lifting up to 50 lbs. and sometimes more on occasion.

New Store Set-up Merchandisers

New Store Set-up Merchandisers work with a crew to open boxes, unpack merchandise, set product planogram, remove trash, help set up displays, and general clean up. They may also be asked to help build fixtures and install signage. This work requires standing for 8+ hours, lifting up to 50 lbs. and sometimes more on occasion.

Reset Merchandisers

Reset Merchandisers reset product per planogram, stock and tag product and install signs and POP materials if needed. This work may also include moving shelving and building or moving various store fixtures. This work requires standing for 8+ hours, lifting up to 40 lbs. and sometimes more on occasion.


Carpenters build out and finish large hutches or shelving for large wall display sections, build out entire departments as well as display cases, install cornice around the perimeter of the store or build temporary barricades to keep customers out of the remodel area.

Finish work may also be required such as finishing cash register islands, installing half walls, building out dressing rooms or finish work on display cubicles, case doors, etc. Carpenters must be skilled in carpentry and be able to read blueprints. They may also be required to supply their own carpentry tools. Learn more.

Team Leads

Team Leads lead a crew of merchandisers that reset product according to planogram, install fixtures and/or retrofits. Ideal candidates will have previous experience leading and organizing teams of merchandisers, able to read and implement planograms and able to work unsupervised. Personnel issues, management issues and store issues must be dealt with professionalism and maturity. Overnight travel may be required.

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