Call us at (866) 867-5571
Call us at (866) 867-5571

Learn How Our Retail Staffing and Job Seeker Services Work.


1. Send us your requirements

Before any job begins, a SASR account team will review your requirements to ensure we understand your needs. This allows us to match the best people to help execute your work in the stores.

2. Submit your orders

Whether you need help with one location or several thousands, we make the process simple. You give us the number of people you need, start times and dates and we take it from there. Upon receipt of your needs, we let you know the likelihood of fulfilling your needs

3. Get daily staffing updates

SASR sends daily staffing updates of the people hired for your locations. We even give you the names, email addresses and phone numbers of our personnel in case you want to contact them before the jobs starts.

4. Rate our workers

After each job is complete, rate our workers to help us build the talent pool that matches your needs. Send us who you prefer to work on your jobs to ensure they are assigned to your next project.

5. Approve time entered

We know each client is different and customize a time approval process to make it easy for you to track and approve hours worked. Whether it is a supervisor’s signature or your approval logs, we will keep it simple for you.

6. Receive consolidated invoices

No matter how many locations, projects or order points you have, SASR sends you consolidated invoices from one location. Invoices can include detailed time logs and the correlating back up so you can verify everything is correct.

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Let's get you the right candidate!

Job Seekers

1. Create your profile

Build your profile in minutes, adding your work experience, skills and employment history.

2. Set job notification preferences

Enter the type of work you want, the minimum pay you want to receive and the days you can work. We send you email notifications that match your preferences.

3. Apply for work that meets your needs

Apply for jobs you want and turn down jobs you don’t – make a flexible schedule that fits your needs. Great for moonlighting or picking up extra income between jobs.

4. Get hired

We only hire W-2 employees and ensure your taxes get paid on time. We carry insurance to cover you on the job and ensure you have a safe work environment.

5. Do great work

Perform your best and move up the ranks with our clients. The better you do, the more points you earn which gives you a better chance of more future work.

6. Enjoy payroll protection

SASR guarantees you will get paid for the hours your work.

Job Seekers

Create your own schedule and supplement your income.

We’re on the lookout for specialized, dependable workers. Most of our work is centered around retail – merchandising, fixture installations, retail sales, product promotions and general labor.